Friday, January 12, 2007

Who Am I?

Yea,who am I?

p/s:fetching comments from friends,people who know me.=D.Anything will do,good or bad all I can accept.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Should we give each other a chance?

Yea,should we give each other a chance?

Maybe we can make perfection?

I don't know...

I'm not hiding from you,I'm just confused on what should I do.

You too,don't hide from me...

Been thinking bout you that I nearly go crazy

Sunday, December 31, 2006

Bye 2006:Harlo 2007

Today is 31st December 2006.The very last day of year 2006.Have been through alot of up and downs throughtout this whole year.Sweet,sour,bitter etc. all I've been through.Overall,I personally love this whole year the most compared to the previous years.There's al0t of first-times.

The first time my parents let me go out with friends,
First time I walked around Kuching City all the way from Green Road,
First time knowing the feeling when you like somebody,
First time cutting my hair with my own hands,
and many more.
First time playing bowling ball.

I learnt alot bout life,I enjoyed my life,I learnt how to make a decision,I learnt alot of things that I don't use to know about.I din't know that I was so terrible.I changed.I did.I also changed the way how I see this world.I used to think that mostly people on Earth don't bother to take care about others and all of them are so selfish.But I knew that I was wrong when I met a bunch of GREAT friends whom I met from Maple Story.

Actually I've already known these peoples just that I never realised that they're all so kind,so helpful,and most important,they're always there for me whenever I need them and we will always stay as a team no matter in Maple Story or real life.This is what I call True Friends.I finally found something I've been searching deadly for the past few years.There's only a word to describe them,GREAT.I proudly introduce them.They're Pine,Agoo and Jc.These are peoples I met from Maple Story.

I met a great friend in my life last year.She is the kind of friends that will be there for me whenever I need someone to talk with,her advice I can always listen and she can be trusted.She is mummy.The reason I add in this event is because of she's leaving school and I bet I can hardly find some else like her to talk if I needs someone.

I want to apologise to some of my friends easpecially Juu.I likes to tease her height and forehead whenever I see her.Suddenly when I was chatting on MSN with her last night,suddenly felt so sorry.Yea,I don't know why.I sincerely apologise to you and hope that I can control myself next time when I sees you.

I also find out myself having a crush on a guy...Well,nothing much to say about but the feeling's really exciting.I can't find out any terms to describe it.Haha.It can be sweet sometimes and might be tough sometimes.

Next year,is coming in a few hours.PMR is ahead,everyone have to go on their life too.To all STPMers,SPMers,PMRers,UPSRers...Let's fight for a good result that can satiesfied us!Let us fight as ONE.

p/s:I actually wrote a long long one,making conclusion on every event from the 1st Jan till today but my computer jammed and everything's lost.XD

Happy New Year!

Friday, December 29, 2006

Last out going with friends for year 2006

Tiring day.Went to school this morning around 7.30 to register for year 2007.Damn it!My classmates sucks.LoL.Why?Cause mostly are boys and urm...we don't know each others and all my friends except Marilyn and Adrianne are seperated.

Hmm,after that Pineapple aka Siaw Hong,Agoo aka Augustine,JC aka Jiong Chee went out to celebrate New Year.Pine and Agoo followed me home and hang around my house around a hour plus and had lunch.

Later my mother bring us to Parkson to meet with JC around 1 something.But though after we finished window shopping and see some clothing for Agoo,JC haven't appeared yet.Then we change meet point to Tun Jugah.And the same thing happens.We finished window shopping at Tun Jugah still haven't see JC.So we change to Sarawak Plaza.

Ha,he finally appear.It's 2 something then.We planned to walk to Travillion but the plan had to be called off because it's going to rain.So we go watch movie at Star cineplex.We watched the funniest comedy of the year-Night at the Meseum.Damn!This movie is so freakin funny.It's a must-watch movie!!!We spent 45 minutes waiting time doing nothing except complaining about our form teachers.Haha.

Dumb dumb,I want my gum gum!LoL
After that the time is around 5.30pm so we decided to go for bowling at Riverside.My first time rolling the bowling ball,my first time touching the bowling ball too.But I don't manage to do strike.But Pine told me it's already OK for first timers.Haha.

Gona miss this last out going with friends for year 2006.Year 2007's ahead!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Best Christmas Eve Ever

There's a Christmas function organised by FBC aka First Baptist church(think so,I'm not so sure about the organiseing thinggy) known as Jungle Bell.Went there twice today,first time I went with my family around 5 in the evening and I went with my cousins again after I followed them to St.Joseph church for Midnight Mass.It was a chinese mass so it's around 8 something.The english one is midnight 12.I wana go to the midnight one but my uncle and auntie said that english mass will have alot of peoples and hard to get a carpark.It was my first time I step into a church.

Hmm,I had a very peaceful and warming feeling inside.Though I don't understand much about the things but I enjoyed watching them and enjoyed listening people car

My cousin and sis enjoyed 'rock climbing' and 'flying fox' very much.I took a video of them when they're doing 'flying fox' but I couldn't find it!Darn.But nevermined.Haha

The so-called sankED Titanic.

The band rocks too.
I met lots of people too when I went there the second time.I saw Pei Yi and her sis working at there,I saw my friend's sis Eileen Ma,I saw Alibabatoo,with his camera.I'm so high now for no reason.Haha.But...I still wants a Sony Ericsson w810i for my Christmas present.My sis already have a MP4 for her Christmas present...

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Durian Festive

Yeap~It's the Durian Festive now in Kuching.Can see people selling Durians all over Kuching City.

Just now around 8 Something,my uncle's(the one from Canada) friend brought us some Durians.It's very huge.I mean HUGE.

So Huge compared to a normal size Durian.

It actually measured 30cm but I can't take picture on how long it measured.XD

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The 3P(s)

The 3P(s) stands for,Piggie,Pineapple and Panda.Not Pheobe,Piper and Paige.

Went for a movie with piggie aka Juu and pineapple aka my Dajie.
We watched Eragon.

Hmm,got a top secret to share with citizens in Kuching.the cineplex we went to offered 2 times of "short break"...The reason why they do so?I don't know.Maybe they din't pay their electric bill?Haha=D

The story was a bit boring in the end and I nearly end up falling asleep but I din't because the sound system's too loud.

After that we went to Popular at Tun Jugah.Something that I never ever espect happened.I saw Deborah,hes sis and their Church's youth group.I guess their're having a farewell thinggy or wadever,I din't ask.She's leaving this Friday and yesterday will be the last day I see her.I think.

Christmas is really near!!!